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I work on a ton of personal projects

I would be happy to help with any HTML5/CSS/Javascript ideas. If you would like to get one started, please reach out.

Welcome to my personal site. My name is Charles Barnes. I am a developer based out of St. Louis, Missouri that works mostly in PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript/Typescript. Feel free to check out some of my projects below.
Java (Android)

Modular Security System

This project was an Android Application I have made for a school project. The app served as a controller for the project. It communicated through through bluetooth to an array of Arduino Unos and Nanos.

Modular Security System

This project is part of a project I've made in school. This project utilized several arduinos (Uno, and nano), along with several bluetooth modules to communicate with an adroid app to connect them all. It consisted of a remote door lock, remote light switch, and remote power outlet breakers to secure a building.

Java (Desktop)

Dataloader GUI

DataloaderGUI is a GUI application that interfaces with the Bullhorn Dataloader. Currently it is just an external application that is functioning as a proof of concept of a potential addition to the main dataloader project. This is intended to gather a lot of feedback as to what the GUI should/shouldn't do. This is currently being used by several people.

Windows Server 2016

General App Server

The server is a multipurpose server that serves as a media server, exchange email server, game server, and Microsoft IIS website server.

Support Multitool

This project is a Google Chrome extension that has several tools built in. This project features a API Query lister, Epoch time converter, URL encoder/decoder, and a column to CSV converter. This tool is used by several people.

Javascript with Node.js

Event Announcer (in progress)

Event Announcer is a discord chat app bot that announces various events such as members that leave and join the chat app to replace similar functionality found within other apps such as teamspeak or vemtrillo.

TypeScript + Angular (Android,Ionic),PHP


App that allows you to Lend Money to friends and family and keep track of the money you lent out with Interest.


SPFtoolbox is a Javascript and PHP app to look up DNS records such as SPF, MX, Whois, and more